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Johor is the southern most State in the Penisula and is linked to Singapore by a causeway carrying a road and the railway across the Selat Tebrau (Straits of Johor) at Johor Bahru.
The state is bounded on the north by Pahang, on the west by Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, on the east by the south china sea and the south by the selat tebrau. It is one of the most developed States in the country, particularly on its western side where rubber, oil palm and pineapple makes Johor the prime producer of these commodities in the whole country. It also has a timber and wood-based products industry and grows pepper.
The new port of Pasir Gudang on the Selat Tebrau is fast developing into an important international port. Johor map

Important: Petition Against Abuse of Strays by Municipal Council Workers

In the latest animal abuse video which surfaced on the Internet on the 5th of May 2011, 6 municipal council workers
from Majlis Perbandaran Batu Pahat (Johor) are seen mercilessly dragging a stray dog, pinning it to the ground
while it cries loudly in distress and stabbing it with a syringe filled with what we imagine to be sedative,
while the driver arrogantly says to the camera in Malay "why don't you come closer to take the video and give a thumbs up sign!".
The dog was brutally captured and euthanized in full-view of the entire neighbourhood.

Over the years, animal lovers have stood by and watched helplessly as municipal council workers handled stray dogs with brute
force while catching, transporting, housing and euthanizing them.

SPCA Selangor is working on launching a nationwide petition to the Prime Minister of Malaysia with the help of other local
animal-welfare NGOs to highlight the ongoing rampant cruelty by municipal council workers, and we hope to collectively garner
more than 50,000 signatures by the end of 2011.

The petition will be launched in the second half of May 2001 and animal lovers from Malaysia and all over the world will be able to sign and voice their concerns online!
SPCA Selangor

Place of Interest
Nature and Adventure

Johor Bahru
. Abu Bakar Mosque
. Bukit Serene Palace
. Dataran Bandaraya
. Diamond Jubilee Hall
. Grand Palace
. Istana Bukit Serene
. Johor Bahru art gallery
. Johor Lama
. Kampung View
. Mawar
. Secretariat Building
. Sultan Abu Bakar Monument
. The Causeway
. The Royal Mausoleum
. Zoo

Kota Tinggi
. Johorcraft Village
. Kota Tinggi waterfalls
. REM Experimental Farm

Tanjung Balau
. Fisherman Museum
. Tanjung Balau fishing village
Tanjung Piai
. Tanjung Piai

. Desaru

. Muar

Batu Pahat
. Batu Pahat
. Wet world Batu Pahat village resort

. Mersing

. Pontian

. Kukup

Air Hitam
. Aw Pottery
. Tropical Village

Recreational Forest
. Endau-Rompin National Park
. Gunung arong Recreational Forest
. Gunung belumut Recreational Forest
. Gunung lambak Recreational Forest
. Gunung ledang Recreational Forest
. Gunung panti Recreational Forest
. Gunung pulai Recreational Forest

Island and Beaches
. Aur Island
. Besar Island
. Pemanggil Island
. Rawa Island
. Sibu Island
. Sibu Tengah Island
. Tengah Island
. Tinggi Island
. Air Papan Beach
. Lido Beach